Laugh Out Loud by Kevin Hart アプリのレビュー

Love it

I love Kevin heart , he’s extremely funny and great app


Best app on the market. I love the app a lot of funny content. Keeps me laughing for hours


The app has so much bugs still 7/24/18. I really wish it’s fixed soon because Kevin is so funny.


I really want to explore this app but everytime I click on something it closes the app. Please fix.


It never plays videos for me. I will close and open the app and try to view videos but they only buffer and never start :/


Racist and derogatory towards white people.

Best Comedy App So Far

This app has been great for me!!! This is one of my favorite apps to go on I have a lot of fun laughing and the different episodes. Perfect!!!!!


One of my favorite apps!!!! I mostly watch Def Comedy jam!!!

Y’all tripping

Its funny as hell


Yummy yummers

No sound

There is no sound

Excited but disappointed

The Volume is non existent. Using iphone 7plus ver 11.4 Tried everything

I could not hear

I could not hear the episodes I had the volume all the way up, I turned my Bluetooth off, I was looking forward to this app because Kevin Heart is one of my favorite Comedians. (I’ve also tried the app multiple times everyday and it still dose not work). Thank You.

Sound issue

I know I would love the app but I’m having issues with no sound I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it is there any way to fix this issue?

I need advice...

So I got the app and it looked great but when I started watching things I could not hear anything my volume was up and my Bluetooth was off so I dont know what is going on.Any advice please.

Best one stop shop for comedy

By far the best comedy app I've ever seen. Loads of timeless, classic, top notch content for ummm....$free.99

The best thing

I love this app it’s great


Every time I try and watch something there is no audio? Umm? I know I’d love this app if there were audio obviously but what’s going on


Dead House was AMAZING.I cant wait for Season 2 this year💕😍😘😂🤣😻.It is so funny to watch.😍🤩


I downloaded the app and there is no sound. I went on YouTube and the sounds works perfectly.


Great app very funny content


I downloaded it to watch a couple of episodes of dead hour but the sound isn't working then I deleted and redownloaded it and it still didn't work

No sound

No sound!


Amazing, when I have down time and need laughter, you guys got me covered !!!

Great app

Great app has great content! Keep pushing the envelope Kevin Hart!

Great App, Great Comedians, Great Skits

All around this is a great comedy app😂 Thanks Kevin Hart!!


Takes up 38MB of 256GB and it’s not worth the space

No iPad version

It is good app but needs an I pad version

Restricted to US only?

Why is that?

Love it

Supporting any and everything Kevin does! I love the app , and for all the people complaint about ads, upgrade or shut up. Alright alright alrrrighhhttt ✨

Cool App

I haven’t had too many problems with the app but I’m very disappointed I can’t use chromecast with it.

Rotate the screen!!

The screen should be able to rotate to watch with an ipad. Please make an ipad version.

Best app for comedy!!

Just like anything Kevin Hart works on, this is a solid app. If you like comedy you gotta get this app.

Love it

I thank you for this keeps me laughing and not doing bad

Can not sign up

Error signing up, can’t get past that part. Second doing this after uninstalled then installed the app.

Dude is a genius. Way ahead of his Time.

Dude is the funniest comedian of our time.

Not thrilled about some of the content...

Well-designed app but I deleted it as soon as I signed up... I'm not for all the n-word type stuff and I think if we as a people want to be respected and treated as equal, we need to do away with implicitly negative stuff like a delivery guy riding a cart and calling it a "Black Segway".

Love Kev, not this

Ever since the update the app won't open and when it does, it just says error. Very disappointed

Love this app.

Keep doing your thing Kev!


Can't open the App after paying for it give me my refund

Laugh Out Loud App

I really enjoy it I love that it's different l love all the stuff on there he really did a great job coming up with this app

Was working well

I have been trying for two days to get on and watch and it keeps crashing idk what happened. When I 1st downloaded the app it work well I was able to watch def comedy jam and all the shows. Please fix the bugs. Would have gave five stars....update!!! Thanks to support for reaching out to me now my app is working fine...people if your having problems or error A000 just uninstall and reinstall the app.

Great content but horrible functions.

I can no longer watch videos due to recent updates.

Loaded and laughing

I downloaded without issues. Signed up without issues. Then started laughing without issues. Love it!!

Great app

Hey Kevin. Help a man out with some donations! Gotta pay for college!

Comedy Heaven

I didn't know what to expect when I saw Kev advertising his app, but I'm extremely impressed with the content! I can enjoy content from my childhood days, up until now from a variety of comedians. I love it!

It doesn't work outside United States

The app doesn't work in my country and I was very disappointed... I think I hate Kevin Hart for real because he make me download the app :(


Can not open the LOL app after last update was made. It said it was suppose to fix bugs and improvements but it did neither

Love it

I love it just cause who doesn't love Kevin hart


Wont let me sign up

  • send link to app